Pahadi Tea Case Study

Description of organization: Pahadi Tea is an e-commerce tea company based in Chandler, Arizona. Pahadi Tea imports handcrafted, high-quality tea from northeast India and prides itself on its standards. The tea is sold almost exclusively online and relies heavily on digital marketing efforts.

Problem: Other than marketing at various community events, Pahadi Tea relies almost entirely on online promotion to drive sales. The owners were disappointed by lack of traffic driven to their site by social media and troubled by steep bounce rate of nearly 80%. Their social media marketing did not seem to be driving meaningful traffic to their site and their conversions were suffering as a result.  

Results Highlights:

  • Overall bounce rate on Pahadi Tea site went from 80% to 30%
  • Traffic driven to the site by social media had the lowest bounce rate of any other acquisition channel
  • Twitter and Pinterest content was viewed over 155,000 times

Case Study Insights


The strategy implemented for Pahadi Tea included social media management, graphic design and product photography. Pahadi Tea had existing profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, but they weren’t updated regularly, so our social media strategy included an initial phase where we established consistent messaging and branding across platforms.

We developed a content strategy and posting schedule that would keep the pages populated with a mixture of product promotion and content, such as news, articles and quotes, that tested well with our audience. We monitored conversations around tea and prioritized timeliness, being quick to jump on trending topics with original graphics and targeted messages. Once we reestablished an active online presence, we identified several influencers and community groups that would bolster engagement. This focus on curated a targeted audience quickly resulted in more valuable traffic to the website.

Along with reporting results on our social media marketing efforts, we used analytics to make website recommendations based on our audience’s behavior. After noticing where site visitors were dropping off, we altered our efforts to better align the messaging of the social media content with what users would see on the site. This, in addition to testing new approaches to lead our audience through the site, resulted in an increase in conversions.


During the social media campaign, Pahadi Tea saw a spike in web traffic and an increase in overall followers and engagement across Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Though our services were part of a one month social media blitz, we were able to achieve impressive results that solved the major problems the company was experiencing.

The troubling bounce rate of almost 80% dropped down to 30% during the time that we worked for Pahadi Tea. Social referrals to the Pahadi Tea site increased 41%,  and traffic driven to the site from social media channels consistently spent more time on the site and visited more pages.

The social media profiles themselves saw a dramatic increase in impressions and followers during our one month push, with Twitter and Pinterest content alone being viewed over 155,000 times. Facebook reach increased 367% and Instagram followers increased 1,100%.

The Pahadi Tea owners took many of our recommendations to heart and have since been focusing more on their social media presence and the user experience of their site. They were impressed by our expertise and the results we were able to achieve with only a month to work with.


We employed Buzzly Media in Spring 2016 to post across our social media platforms to promote our line of loose leaf teas and teaware. During this period, our social media web traffic almost doubled. Buzzly Media created original graphics for us and provided excellent service. They also compiled analytics reports and audience insights with recommendations at the end of the month. We highly recommend Buzzly Media to anyone who is serious about social media marketing as their expertise in the area is unparalleled.

Sanjay DholeOwner/Operator, Pahadi Tea)