Betty Capaldi Phillips Case Study

Description of organization: Dr. Betty Capaldi Phillips is a University Professor, Provost Emerita and Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University. She is also a published author and the TV host of Eating Psychology with Betty on Arizona PBS. Throughout her career, Betty has obtained decades of education, research and teaching experience in the field of psychology, and she has held leadership roles at universities across the country.

Problem: Arizona PBS wanted Dr. Capaldi Phillips to have a strong digital presence through which they could promote her show, Eating Psychology with Betty. As we explored options, additional goals emerged as well. Dr. Capaldi Phillips had books about to be published that she wanted to promote and she also wanted to her online presence to reflect her role as a thought leader in the eating psychology world.

Results Highlights:

  • Facebook and Instagram pages grew to over 200 followers each while Twitter has more than 600 followers
  • Pinterest profile regularly gets around 40,000 organic impressions per month
  • 80% of website traffic comes through social media channels

Case Study Insights


Dr. Capaldi Phillips had absolutely no social media profiles or web presence when we were hired. Our first step was to create all relevant accounts and start building her brand from the ground up. Our digital marketing plan including social media marketing, graphic design, email marketing and campaign management.

We determined that the platforms that would best serve our goals would be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. We went through each episode of Eating Psychology with Betty to get a good grasp on the types of content we would need to be posting and the topics Dr. Capaldi Phillips would identify with. After this preliminary research phase, we set about building up the social media profiles and populating them with educational articles, show promotions and original graphics. 

We knew we needed somewhere for our new fans to land, so we built Dr. Capaldi Phillips a website that became the hub of everything we were promoting. We included an email capture form with the intention of building an email list that we would use to alert fans about new content and even new books. A blog was a necessity for our strategy because it would boost the SEO of the site as well as establish Dr. Capaldi Phillips as an online authority in eating psychology. With our focus trained on elevating her brand and building a following, we implemented our strategy and earned quick results.

Each profile is still being updated with new content daily and our email subscribers receive regular updates. We continue to blog every month to keep our audience engaged and share to various groups and influencers.


Since Dr. Capaldi Phillips expressed a desire to boost her overall following, we developed several metrics to keep track of how we would measure success. In addition to tracking the growth of our followers and subscribers, we also measure the quality of our fan base. We use metrics such as time spent on the site and number of email opens to track how engaged our audience really is. Each month we condense our findings and report to Dr. Capaldi Phillips in a detailed analytics report.

The profiles we created for Dr. Capaldi Phillips quickly accumulated a relevant fan base of over 1,000 people. The website attracts a steady stream of traffic, 80% of which comes straight from our social media channels. Dr. Capaldi Phillips is very pleased with her new follower base and plans to leverage it for any future publications and new episodes of her show.


I have had the pleasure of working with Chandler and Emma of Buzzly Media in connection with one of our show hosts at Arizona PBS. Not only is their creative work, branding and execution of exceptionally high caliber and based on sound research, utilizing the latest technologies very effectively, but they have also consistently been very communicative, transparent and professional every step of the way. If I were a client, this is the kind of company I’d want representing me.

Colleen Pierce, Public Relations Manager, Arizona PBS