September 2017 Trending Social Media Holidays

September 2017 Social Media Holidays

If you’re not able to invest in paid social media campaigns, you may notice that getting the type of exposure and reach you want is a bit difficult. Certain social media platforms are increasingly pushing down organic content in favor of sponsored posts. One way you can capitalize on the organic reach of your posts is by leveraging content tailored to trending topics and holidays.

Now, we aren’t talking about bank holidays. In fact if you’ve paid attention to the “Trends for You” section on your Twitter feed, you may have already noticed that on most days there is at least one social media holiday trending.   Trending topics and social media holidays are a great opportunity to either leverage your existing relevant content or to create additional content with a call to action.

You may run into danger if you’re trying too hard to relate yourself to each holiday. Not every social media holiday is right for each business, but do take advantage of those opportunities that do overlap with your messaging and goals. For example, if you’re in the education market, you may want to create a creative campaign around “International Literacy Day” on September 8th. If you have an original podcast to promote, September 30th’s “Podcast Day” is a great chance to market yourself.  Keep those and the rest of these September 2017 dates in mind when putting together your content calendar this month.

We’ve also included the popularity score of a few related hashtags (courtesy of to keep in mind when writing your posts.

September 2017 Social Media Holidays

September 3 – World Beard Day


Popularity score: 41.2


Popularity score: 21.2

September 4 – Labor Day


Popularity score: 59


Popularity score: 51.5

September 5 – International Bacon Day


Popularity score: 37


Popularity score: 32

September 6 – National Read a Book Day


Popularity score: 30.6


Popularity score: 28.5

September 8 – International Literacy Day


Popularity score: 35.1


Popularity score: : 34.7

September 12 – Video Games Day


Popularity score: 29.6


Popularity score: 28.7

September 19 – International Talk Like a Pirate Day


Popularity score: 53.6


Popularity score: 29

September 20- National Grandparents Day


Popularity score: 40.1


Popularity score: 26.3

September 21 – Day of Peace


Popularity score: 37


Popularity score: 22.7

September 22 – First Day of Fall


Popularity score: 66.4


Popularity score: 37.9

September 30 – Podcast Day


Popularity score: 34.6


Popularity score: 34.5

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