Grow your brand

Do you know what comes up if someone searches for you online? We can help you generate quality content and regain control over your digital reputation.

Increase credibility

Empty Facebook accounts or outdated Twitter feeds don’t inspire much confidence in a brand. We can help establish you as a thought leader and influencer in your field.

Drive engagement

The battle to get the attention of your audience is won by compelling content and targeted messages. We can help you build (and keep) a dedicated and engaged following.

Custom social media strategies that make sense for your brand

At Buzzly Media we believe in efficiency and honesty. We will never throw around terms you don’t understand and we will make sure that every part of our strategy makes sense to you. If you’re ready for your brand to be powered by proven digital marketing strategies that are tailored to fit your needs then we’re the company for you.

Core Services

We can cater to almost any digital marketing needs you may have. Most of our clients are on a monthly retainer where we provide a combination of our social media management and graphic design services, but we offer them all individually as well!

  • Social Media Management

    We create customized content for each of your social media platforms and keep each profile updated regularly. This is our most popular service and includes follower engagement, monthly analytics reports and an initial social media strategy at no additional cost.

  • Marketing Consulting

    Not ready to hand over the controls just yet? No problem. We offer consulting services and can help you create a marketing strategy that will help you zero in on campaign objectives, target audience, key messaging, action items and even a relevant timeline for your efforts.

  • Graphic Design

    Visual content dominates across all digital media platforms and its influence is expected to keep growing. Every piece of unique visual content you share should be branded consistently. We can create anything from detailed infographics to powerful ad designs.

  • Email Marketing

    Over half of online adults are using their emails every day. Getting a targeted, personalized and well-designed email into someone’s email box is an important part of any marketing strategy. We can customize emails that will grab and hold your audience’s attention.

Are you ready to grow your brand?